Weapons Drugs and Money

Crime, Corruption, and Community Based Liberation in the U.S./Mexico Neoliberal Military Political Economy

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About the Book

Weapons, Drugs, and Money is a creative non-fiction political economy and geopolitics textbook, written to be as accessible to academics as it is to non academic community organizers. The purposes of the book are to first: take an in-depth historical and contemporary look at crime and corruption in the US/Mexico military political economy, second: to demystify our understanding of neoliberalism, and third: to look at specific examples of grassroots liberation in Mexico through community based self determination, self defense, and autonomy.

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About the Author

Simón Sedillo is a Professional Partner with the Earlham College’s Border Studies Program based out of Tucson, Arizona, USA. Sedillo is also a community rights defense organizer, filmmaker, educator, artist, and the author of “Weapons, Drugs, and Money: Crime, Corruption, and Community Based Liberation in the U.S./Mexico Neoliberal Military Political Economy”. For the last 15 years, Sedillo has been teaching geopolitics and political economy.

Sedillo has contributed to the production of a wide variety of documentary films and investigative articles, which focus primarily on the effects of the neoliberal military political economy on indigenous communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color in the US and Mexico. Sedillo’s work more importantly focuses on how social movements, particularly in Indigenous communities in Mexico, are organizing and resisting neoliberalism.

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